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Little Rock Child Custody Lawyers

Arkansas Visitation Lawyers

If not handled properly, the establishment of child custody and visitation can become a poisonous issue. At Rice, Adams & Woodruff, Attorneys at Law, founded in 1964, our child custody attorneys have over decades of combined experience helping families in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas through divorce and its related issues. That experience can help you secure an appropriate custody and visitation agreement while working to avoid unnecessary stress during those negotiations.

It can be important during the establishment of the child custody and visitation agreement that both parties work to create the agreement. You and your ex-spouse will likely need to make decisions to a greater or lesser degree together until your children are grown. Establishing a cooperative model for decision-making between the parties now can be crucial to avoiding conflict in the future.

Mediation of Child Custody and Visitation Issues

To help work through any conflict that may be disturbing the establishment of a custody and visitation agreement, the court often requires mediation. Our lawyers are very familiar with the local pool of mediators and can help you find a mediator who will be a good fit for your situation. When the court reviews your agreement, it will look to see that the best interests of your child or children are being met.

Modifications and Enforcement of Child Custody and Visitation Agreements

As your children grow and the dynamics of your family change, you may find that the agreement that had been established is insufficient or that your ex-spouse is not honoring the obligations laid down in it. If your child custody and visitation agreement needs to be modified or its provisions need to be enforced, we can petition the court for the necessary action.

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